Important Tips For Designing An SEO Friendly Website

Another important point is to use colors and fonts wisely. Don’t put white fonts on black background or any other combination that causes eye strain. Black font on white backgrounds is the best, and use fonts that are designed to work online like the Verdana, Trebuchet and Georgia.   If you want to see some truly shocking use of color on the web, search Google images for the term bad website design. While we’re talking about content, be aware that people are a lot less patient than they used to be, so be succinct and to the point. Don’t waffle simply to get the number of words on the page higher. To make your site sticky, you need to give your visitors what they want. In order to do that you need to know your visitor.

Ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Who is it?
  2. What do they want?
  3. What answers to they need?
  4. What do they want to ask me?

If we are talking about your homepage, this should guide them quickly and easily to various sections of your website to give them what they want. Your visitor should be able to find what they want quickly and easily – a search box is essential, but that is easy with WordPress 😉 Ways to build Trust 1. A photo of yourself in a prominent position on your website.   The sidebars or in the logo are a good place for this. A photo helps build trust because the visitor can see who they are interacting with.

The problem for Internet Marketers is that not many want their photos on their niche websites. I would suggest though that the benefits of having a photo are too strong to ignore. If you use your photo as a Gravatar, then everywhere you post comments on other sites, your photo will appear – this goes back to what we were saying in the section on building authority.   How much more comforting is it for a visitor to arrive on your site and see a face they’ve seen before on other authority sites?   This can build a high level of trust. 2. Fresh content – If people arrive at your site and see that the content is several years old, this may be enough for them to click the back button.   Keep stuff like reviews up to date.

If you update a review change the timestamp of the post in WordPress to reflect the new date.   If the content is “ageless”, remove the date/ time stamp from the post (knowledge of PHP or WordPress templates required for this).

A clearly visible privacy policy, terms of use and contact page (and even an About Us page where you can mention who you are and what goals you have for the site) are great ways to help build trust. On your contact page you should ideally have a real address as this helps with the trust building.   Again, it’s nice to have your photo on the contact us page. Types of content that can give your visitors what they want: 1. Answering real questions – you can find questions that people ask in your niche by looking at Yahoo Answers, Wordtracker’s Free Question Tool, Quora and even   Find real questions and provide accurate answers.

Buyer guides

e.g. if your site is about Android Tablets, give your visitors a free PDF that tells them what they need to know when it comes to buying one.   You can use that free guide to build a list if you want, by making visitors opt-in to your list before they are given the download URL. Tutorials – Provide helpful tutorials for your visitors if you can think of some that are relevant to your niche.


Create informative, relevant videos and have them embedded in your web pages.

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